Dynamic Logic – New trends and applications (DaLí 2023)

Day 1 (Friday, September 15th)

9:009:50 Registration
9:5010:00 Welcome to participants
10:0011:00 Invited talk: Standard and general completeness of modal many-valued logics
Amanda Vidal
11:0011:30 Coffee break
11:3012:15 Learning by Intervention in Simple Causal Domains
Katrine B. P. Thoft and Nina Gierasimczuk
12:1513:00 A Logical Approach to Doxastic Causal Reasoning 
Kaibo Xie, Qingyu He and Fenrong Liu
13:0014:30 Lunch break
14:3015:15 Predictive Theory of Mind Models Based on Public Announcement Logic
Jakob Dirk Top, Catholijn Jonker, Rineke Verbrugge and Harmen De Weerd 
15:1515:45 Coffee break
15:4516:30 Axiomatization of Hybrid Logic of Link Variations 
Penghao Du and Qian Chen
16:3017:15 Logic of the Hide and Seek Game: Characterization, Axiomatization, Decidability 
Qian Chen and Dazhu Li

Day 2 (Saturday, September 16th)

10:0011:00 Invited talk: Kleene Algebras for Weighted Programs
Igor Sedlár 
11:0011:30 Coffee break
11:3012:15 Kleene Algebra of Weighted Programs With Domain 
Igor Sedlár 
12:1513:00 Preservation theorems for Tarski’s relation algebra 
Bart Bogaerts, Balder ten Cate, Brett McLean and Jan Van den Bussche
13:0014:30 Lunch break
14:3015:15 A spatial logic with time and quantifiers
Laura Bussi, Vincenzo Ciancia and Fabio Gadducci 
15:1515:45 Coffee break
15:4516:30 Automated Quantum Program Verification in Dynamic Quantum Logic
Tsubasa Takagi, Canh Minh Do and Kazuhiro Ogata