Practical information

Some practical information regarding visiting Tbilisi:

Venue of DaLi: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, 1 Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue. Location: Room 07, one level below the level of the main entrance.

The university is often referred to simply as TSU (Tbilisi State University). It has many buildings around the city, but this is the main building. It marks the start of Chavchavadze Avenue. Streets crossing the Chavchavadze avenue go uphill towards south and downhill towards north.

Hotels/accommodation: There are a lot of options around the Chavchavadze Avenue and Melikishvili street within walking distance to TSU. Sites like, and can be used to look something up and book. The ratings at these sites are generally reliable, especially if they are based on many reviews. One hotel academic guests have used previously in Tbilisi is Orion Hotel, but nowadays there are a lot more options. Other central locations to book an accommodation are along and around Rustaveli Avenue or around Liberty Square (considered to be the central point of the city).

Transportation from/to the airport: Flights at Tbilisi airport often arrive/depart in the middle of the night and taking a taxi is generally the most convenient option (although there is also a bus #337 running between 07:00-23:00). The official airport taxis can be relatively expensive (around 40-50 Georgian Lari (GEL), which is roughly 15 Euros). Usually you can catch a ride for 25-30 GEL if you use the services of private taxis, but this requires communicating with the driver and agreeing on the price beforehand. We recommend using the taxi apps like Bolt ( or Maxim (

Transportation in the city: There are regular buses and minibuses (also a metro – but not very convenient for the area where TSU is located). One can usually pay for the ride with a contactless bank card. The bus numbers are three-digit numbers starting with a 3 (e.g. 345) and the minibus numbers start with a 4 or a 5 (e.g. 431 or 582). The price is 1 GEL. Here’s some more information about public transportation:
and the link to their mobile app:

We recommend using Metro or Taxi to move around the city.

Money: We wouldn’t recommend exchanging more than 50 Euros/dollars at the airport. There are lots of banks, ATMs and exchange offices throughout the city.

Nightlife and entertainment: The areas around Liberty Square and Rustaveli Metro Station are more lively. There is a website where one can find out what’s happening in terms of arts, culture and entertainment. You could also use apps like foursquare or tripadvisor to look for places to eat.

Electric appliances: European sockets/plugs with ~220V voltage.